Monday, March 8, 2010


hello again blog world. I have returned. After secretly blog-stalking for a little over a year now, I find myself so inspired by those sharing their journeys. I have found that there is every kind of blog, there are artists selling creations, new mothers telling stories about their children, fellow ragamuffins struggling well through addictions and diseases, and friends swapping recipes. I've heard some say, and I might have even agreed at one time, that blogging could be deemed unnecessary or a waste of precious time. One could even say that it can become an unhealthy addiction or a means of unhealthy escape for those who have trouble communicating how they feel to another human being, especially face to face. I agree that the technological advances of today have definitely caused a deficit of verbal and face to face communication. I do want to be careful that texting, chatting, face booking, and blogging don't ever take the place of intentional conversations, whether its a great cup of coffee with a friend, a fabulous dinner with my family, or a hard phone conversation with someone in need. I'm no expert on the subject, in fact I'm no real expert on any subject, but I would say from my limited experience while keeping these warnings in mind, that the blog world can also be an incredible avenue for stirring ones affections for Christ. I have found that blogging tends to invoke a vulnerability from people that may not otherwise be present. I have come to appreciate this vulnerability in others especially in my fellow believers. I love reading about their joys and sorrows, heartaches and fears. I love being reminded that I am not the only woman who tends to think she's crazy. I am not the only person who struggles and has very debilitating fears, that sometimes hinder forward movement. I am not the only person with such great sorrows on certain days that I can't find words to express. I am not the only ragamuffin. The Lord has been pushing this idea on me for way longer than I have been blog stalking. He has shown me repeatedly I am not the only basket case through beautiful friends and brave acquaintances, through His perfect word and through the overwhelming grace He has extended to me when I have made monumental mistakes. And now He has shown me once again in the writings of my fellow blogging believers. I am so overwhelmingly grateful for what Christ has done in my life and I am so grateful for what he is doing in the lives of other. So here it is my second attempt at blogging, my attempt to join you in sharing that overwhelming gratitude but also in sharing my thoughts on days I may not feel so thankful. Jesus has called me to a crazy adventurous life and I'm about to share it on the web. See you in cyberspace.


  1. looking forward to hearing about your journey!

  2. Hey Blog friend! Just saw you have one. I'm excited that you are starting this!

    :) Sarah