Friday, July 13, 2012

Adventures of team marriage....take 47 million

I'm aware it has been forever and two days since I posted Adventures of Team Marriage. So I'm extra excited to share with you the Tristan tattoos you may have missed.

Last summer around 2AM Team Marriage was driving home after the Least of These and Across Waters show. When all of the sudden while passing the tattoo shop Tristan gets a wild hair and all but yells at me " do you want to get tattooed or do you want to go home?!" before I know what is happening he had convinced me to get a cupcake under my right elbow. Ridiculous yes. Adorable with heart sprinkles triple yes!

Next random fun took place the night of Ace's Tattoo Anniversary Party. Every year the fabulous owners of Ace's take all the artists and their dates out for dinner and celebration of the shop opening. This particular year they went above and beyond and rented a party bus! It was awesome. We started out at Bj's Brewery in Lewisville and ended back at the tattoo shop....and alot happened in between from not naked fully clothed but very funny pole dancing to karaoke. The night ended with what we affectionatly called "Party Bus Tats" or "PBT"....... Tristan and Justin decided to get PBT tattooed on them and Tristan in a festive mood decided to let me tattoo his! yep thats right the following is my handywork. Enjoy, Tristan did. ouch!

My most recent and still healing tattoo that I am proud to announce as my very first LEG tattoo! This is a big deal, as I never thought I would be this tatted up but I love it. So moving from arms to legs meant serious business. Not only was it my first leg tattoo but it is of very special significance for two reasons:
1.) Tristan surprised me by doing it as my anniversary gift, 7 years together!
2.) it is my long awaited Vessels and Flowers tattoo. For those of you that have been following you know the crazy Vessels and Flowers story and you know from previous blogs I am a basket! So the tattoo is a basket of flowers. It is bomb!

PS it hurt and it hurt worse 2 days later when the swelling in my leg hit an all time high hahaha

PPS Yes Tristan did tattoo me shirtless. Sexy way to spend an Anniversary right? You know your jealous.

Lastly not a Tristan Bradshaw piece but a fun Bradshaw's adventure. Mr. bradshaw was asked to help out at Saints and Sinners in Carrolton for Old School Sunday. While T and the boys were busy cranking out some very rad tattoos I put myself on the List.

My lovely little indian lady was done by Drew at Saints and Sinners and I am smitten with her.

Big Thanks to my sweet husband for tattooing me so patiently and putting up with me for 7 years! Stay tuned to for more Adventures of Team Marriage.


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